Blended Learning

What is Blended Learning?

As its name suggests, blended learning combines in-person and online curriculum, offering a true "blend" of the two.

Understanding the Blended Learning Framework

Blended Learning Framework

Support and resource materials 

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Remote Delivery


In the event of a college closure, all BDC staff will be expected to continue working from home remotely to provide both online learning resources and to provide guidance and feedback to learners to support continued learning.

Educators will be responsible for managing and monitoring learning via their Google Classroom and Etracker.

This will be monitored by CTL’s/CM’s and Heads of Department and they will ensure that:

· All  remote learning is planned and  facilitated 

· All remote learning is monitored and managed via Google Classroom

· Support & feedback is clearly provided via Google classroom

Naming Classrooms

All staff are responsible for creating and maintaining individual Google Classrooms.

What you will need as a facilitator to deliver remotely online

  • Access to the internet 

  • Use of a device (smart phone / tablet / Chromebook / laptop / desktop 

  • Login details

  • Access to Google Classroom 


Remote Desktop

How do I get Remote Desktop set up?

This will be an issue for IT. Contact help desk or Andrew Keegan.

Why isn't my webcam working?

It is most likely that you are using remote desktop. You can't use your webcam whilst using remote desktop so make you are not on remote desktop whilst on video call.
If there are documents you wish to show to your learners that you need to access via remote desktop, we recommend transferring those files to your One Drive.

Google Classroom

My learners cannot see their classrooms?

This is because they are signed into their personal Google account. They need to make sure they are signed in with their college email which is

Microsoft Teams

Why can't my learners log into Microsoft Teams?

Students do not have a Microsoft account and therefore they can't use Microsoft Teams.
We recommend using Google Meet for video calls because all students AND staff have Google accounts with the college.

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