Video Calling 

Using video calling to deliver sessions online is a way to instantly communicate with your learners. It could be used to give a briefing at the beginning of the session, or to provide direct support with learners who have questions. In many video calling platforms, such as Google Meet, you are also able to share what is on your screen with your learners, which is an effective way to provide demonstration. The chat function with in video calling platforms is useful for those who prefer not to communicate with the visual or vocal elements. 
If a learner misses the video call this is not a problem because the option to record your session is possible. Learners can then access or revisit the information you provided. 


How to set up a video call on Google Meet: 

1) Go to and make sure you are logged into your account.

2) Click start a meeting and enter in the meeting nickname (this could be the name of your Google Classroom)

3) Copy the join information and paste it into the appropriate Google Classroom. Learners will be able to join with this link.


4)  (Optional) Click on the three dots in the bottom right and hit 'record meeting'. The recording will save              onto your Google Drive once you hit 'stop recording'.
     This will be beneficial for those who missed the video meeting.